Monday, October 27, 2008

Best rooflights

Yesterday afternoon my husband and my father in law are busy planning what would be the best of our house.Yup!We have a lot of job to do.Like just to move the kitchen change the painting and having an extra room at the back of our garden.Of course i share my opinion.You know what is it?hmm!I told them i love to have another floor where i have dressing room,small music room and own bathroom i want to put sky lights while relaxing or having a bath,and see how beautiful life is while watching those beautiful clouds passing by.My in laws laughed so loud and said wow!Very nice plan which were sure that it cost a lot.I said that i just can't imagine to have extra room.Like what i saw in some reality show.They renovate every part of their house and even their garden and the result is just so nice especially they put skylight in the roof.What i love most also is to have a winter garden where i can continue planting and where i can relax.Yup!I love nature and believe it or not if i am sad or upset,The only place i go is the park or garden that don't have to much people and trying to forget every problem that i have.I feel so close to my family if i look at the sky.My husband already imagine my house plan.He said that he know that i didn't share a lot of idea in but if i have one,his sure that it is so a good one.But as of now were happy to have our house especially the neighbors and the area.Very comfortable for us so perhaps one day,we can build our dream house base on my imagination.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Today we suppose to go to Disneyland Paris.We already planned it almost a week but it is just happen that my sister in law decided not to go there.Grrr!!I told my husband that how come that she change her plan just this morning.He said that he can't force her sister,she always like that.There are days that she just sit,read and watch TV.I said that i am very bored,normally weekend we have our small shopping but since they are here we thought that our weekend would be more nice but it is the contrary though.What i did is i just planted my roses that i bought with my husband during our food shopping.And when our neighbor saw me that i am planting roses she kindly gave me some nutrients products for roses.She is so nice lucky to have this kind of neighbor:-)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pink sisterhood

What a great tag that given me from Ria my dear:-)

Thanks thanks again Livelovelaugh for this tag.**start copy***

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sorry to all

Sorry to all my co bloggers and friends for not so active to update my blog.Well it is because i am busy to rearrange all my husband's DVD and computer gadgets.Believe it or not my husband's DVD,blue ray,HDVD collections are now every part of our house.If you count for only DVDs he already have 1thousands of it.I had difficulties to arrange it.I already told him that if he will not arrange all his collection i will sale it through online.He is so scared so now he bought boxes since we really don't have space for all of it.Also my in laws will arrive this Friday for short vacation together with the son of my daughter in law and also the babysitter.So it is time for me to check and prepared all the bedsheets.That is a big problem for me now because our washing machine is damage and i had a lot of dirty laundry.Grrr!Honestly each time my in laws or i have visitors i always change the bedsheet to a clean one.I felt so dirty if i couldn't change it even it is used only for one night.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Save money now

I just phoned my mother to know how are they and she said that they are fine but she kept saying that she want to change her eyeglasses to a new one.I told her it is OK i can help her and now i am checking on where i could buy cheap one for her, and guess what?I found a site that sales a very interesting price for eyeglasses yup!at zennioptical they sale stylish prescription glasses online from $8 you can choose find so various frames selection such as with single vision lens,sunsensor lens,tinted sunglasses lens,biforcal lens or progressive lens for a very low prices.In fact they were so much known that their story was published at Chicago tribune .Read the story!,0,2050256.story .It is just too bad that i only knew this site today otherwise i could share this information to my friend who just expense almost 200 euros for her eyeglasses.For me it is better to be more smarter and take more time to decide and search more sites where i can find less expensive that i know i can save money.Honestly, am happy to say that now i can buy one now for my mother's progressive lens for a very low price.So why paying expensive eyeglasses if you can have it for a low price!?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

quite busy

Last week it was a busy week for me.Well when i knew that there is garden shop near our place i am very excited to visit and had some shopping.Yup!it is a good thing of having a driving license because i can go anywhere at anytime:-).I went to jardinland and enjoy shopping it is not clothes but plants.I really love the store it is not so expensive then i went to other shop and i found the plant that I've search for a long time.My husband didn't notice that i planted some plants,he just notice today since we went again to truffaut to buy some plant protection and check if i found some nice plants but sad to say the one that i saw in the catalogue was sold out.Better luck next time:-)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Mess after dinner

Last sunday i ate in ann's place.We had a very nice dinner(thanks ann!)We enjoyed talking to each other.Ann envited her iranian friend with her husband then our other friend name jennifer with her husband too.It is only me who came without husband :)Well we think our son we don't want him to be tired in school so it is my husband who watched and stayed home while me enjoyed the night with friends:-)

For change i took this pic on how ann decorate her dinning table:-)
The table before dinner!!
Table after the dinner!!not so messy!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Spending night with my friend

Last Sunday i wasn't able to visit all my co blogger and friends.Sorry for that!I was with my friend.She invited us for dinner but since it is Sunday my husband decided not to came with me because we don't want that our son will be tired in the school because of lack of sleep.So i went there alone and we spent a nice evening,I will tell the truth that i am quite drunk!The other guest already went back home but me and my friend Ann were still awake and enjoyed drinking wine.Gosh in the next day i had a very bad headache!!Now i will try not to drink a lot if i don't know how to handle it:-)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

slept whole afternoon

We are both tired today it is because the whole week was so long for us because were all sick.We decided to take a little nap before going out.Me and my son slept up to 5 pm.It is very relaxing when we woke up then around 6pm we went to the mall for our small shopping .My husband bought a small gadget again then i bought 1 jean and long sleeve and belt for my son.I didn't bought for me because i didn't find anything nice.Then we ate outside.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Now he is sick

Gosh!First me then my son and now my husband is sick.It is because of the weather keep changing and we were so confident without wearing enough warm clothes.Or we wore it but when we it is a little bit warm we remove it without knowing that it is the best thing to catch cold.My husband said it is better that me or him will be sick than our son.We are worried so much if it our son will be sick.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Too tired today

Sorry my co blogger and friends for not visiting your blog today.I am very tired because i slept only few hours.You might ask why?Well it is because my son is sick and i check every half and hour his temperature and proposed him to drink water.I didn't awake my husband because he need to work in the next morning.It is why now i am like a dead vegetable:-( I have terrible headache and i can't stay in front of my computer.Anyhow!i choose this life,having my son is the most happiest moment in our life and i give all my best to support him if he sick or not.You know i think it is why perhaps i am not so eager to have a second child as of now.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My son catch cold

Not so happy today because this noon when i picked up my son from his school his teacher told me that he cried and said that he is not feeling well and when they check his temperature he had a fever.Fortunately my husband work at home today so he phone immediately the doctor and we had a rendez-vous at 3pm.The doctor said that it is a fever,she gave us a medicine prescription.We were so happy to hear that it is a small fever,I can't sleep if my son is not well.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Don't listen

When i went to the school to pick up my son.Normally i let my son play with other children in public garden.Made me laughed this afternoon because there is one little girl who came to me and said that she is one of the classmate of my son.She said that**You know virgile sometimes didn't listen to our teacher,he already punished twice**I reply,really?i will scold him.And when i just look at her eyes,she is just like so happy to tell me what my son did during school!When i asked my son,of course he denied it!grr.He start to lie now!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

new toy and learnin card

Yesterday we went out for our usual day.Shopping day.My son choose this toy for him when we went back home he was very excited to play with it.It is me who assemle.Gosh it takes 1 hour for me. The second toy is not exactly a toy it is like a card that helps my son how to learn to write.I saw his classroom that now they start to learn how to write so i help my son to be motivated about it.And have this new card it is very interesting and in fact he already finish 2 cards.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Crazy weather

Oh my god!The weather here in France is really crazy.Today i don't know which jacket that i need to wear because there are hours that there is sunlight then just a sudden it's gone and rain just arrived and the result i arrived back home all wet:-( Now i think i catch cold again.Tomorrow hope we will have a good weather because it is weekend.For us it is family weekend,usually we go out and do few shopping:-)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

unlucky one

Because of my household job,I missed lots of opportunity post from PPP.Well it is OK!better luck next time.Hope that i have a chance to stay whole day on my computer so that i could grab most post.But it is not possible,not like before when i worked in Internet cafe in Philippines.There i had a chance to stay online whole day!!So different now.

busy ironing

Today is very busy day!Last weekend i washed all our dirty clothes and now i had to iron them.I don't like if they are not iron.I like to see that all our clothes is well arrange and well iron.Sorry to my co bloggers for not visiting your blog.I need to finish all my household stuff before anything else.Then it is like routine for me,at 11:20 i need to pick up my son from his school then need to bring him back at 1:30pm then at afternoon around 4:20pm so it is really not easy for me if i have so many things to finish in the house.I hate ironing but what i could do?We don't have a maid here:-) in any case it is too expensive to hire one!lol!

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