Best rooflights

Yesterday afternoon my husband and my father in law are busy planning what would be the best of our house.Yup!We have a lot of job to do.Like just to move the kitchen change the painting and having an extra room at the back of our garden.Of course i share my opinion.You know what is it?hmm!I told them i love to have another floor where i have dressing room,small music room and own bathroom i want to put sky lights while relaxing or having a bath,and see how beautiful life is while watching those beautiful clouds passing by.My in laws laughed so loud and said wow!Very nice plan which were sure that it cost a lot.I said that i just can't imagine to have extra room.Like what i saw in some reality show.They renovate every part of their house and even their garden and the result is just so nice especially they put skylight in the roof.What i love most also is to have a winter garden where i can continue planting and where i can relax.Yup!I love nature and believe it or not if i am sad or upset,The only place i go is the park or garden that don't have to much people and trying to forget every problem that i have.I feel so close to my family if i look at the sky.My husband already imagine my house plan.He said that he know that i didn't share a lot of idea in but if i have one,his sure that it is so a good one.But as of now were happy to have our house especially the neighbors and the area.Very comfortable for us so perhaps one day,we can build our dream house base on my imagination.