busy ironing

Today is very busy day!Last weekend i washed all our dirty clothes and now i had to iron them.I don't like if they are not iron.I like to see that all our clothes is well arrange and well iron.Sorry to my co bloggers for not visiting your blog.I need to finish all my household stuff before anything else.Then it is like routine for me,at 11:20 i need to pick up my son from his school then need to bring him back at 1:30pm then at afternoon around 4:20pm so it is really not easy for me if i have so many things to finish in the house.I hate ironing but what i could do?We don't have a maid here:-) in any case it is too expensive to hire one!lol!


Amy said…
janese, apirrrrrrrrrrrrr! ako sab i hate doing the ironing.. but malouy man pod ko kon kum-ot ang sinina sa akong student. lol*