Sorry to all

Sorry to all my co bloggers and friends for not so active to update my blog.Well it is because i am busy to rearrange all my husband's DVD and computer gadgets.Believe it or not my husband's DVD,blue ray,HDVD collections are now every part of our house.If you count for only DVDs he already have 1thousands of it.I had difficulties to arrange it.I already told him that if he will not arrange all his collection i will sale it through online.He is so scared so now he bought boxes since we really don't have space for all of it.Also my in laws will arrive this Friday for short vacation together with the son of my daughter in law and also the babysitter.So it is time for me to check and prepared all the bedsheets.That is a big problem for me now because our washing machine is damage and i had a lot of dirty laundry.Grrr!Honestly each time my in laws or i have visitors i always change the bedsheet to a clean one.I felt so dirty if i couldn't change it even it is used only for one night.