Monday, November 24, 2008

Self Disicpline

Yup that is all our problem ladies.Having this horrible fat belly make us uncomfortable.We were feel not sexy about it and do not have a chance to wear our favorite sexy dress.It is also my problem after i gave birth i still have my fat belly.I don't know why,there are times that i lose weight and most of the times are gaining weight and i am eager to find any chances on how i really could lose this fat belly of mine by eating less fatty food and more serious of my Flat Belly Diet goal.I know it is not easy but it is only me who can achieve this goal.If i want to be sexy or to have my body proportion back before getting pregnant.As what my close friend always told me,I must have self discipline.Well my friend had this self discipline so that is why she really lose weight.Just imagine for 4 months she lose 12 kilos.She ate a lot of vegetables.And she had this diet discipline book.She took a note in advance all the meals that she will eat and she also avoid drink soda and drink more water.Less expensive but more effective.




It is funny to see this video in youtube.Actually i was one of those filipino who dance to celebrate sinulog.It was very nice celebration and it felt that i am not far to my country.Celebrating this special events with my countrymen is just one of the events that i could share to my family that eventhough their far.I still have friends who made me feel that i am home.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas season

There are some parents,children are such lucky for not experiencing poverty.Each time i watch documentary from my country origin Philippines.I felt bad especially if they talk about those children that don't have any chances to enjoy nor feel the spirit of Christmas.Just like people who live in Payatas.With their situation they prefer to work even during Christmas season and i was just happy to hear that there are some people that are willing to give donation and and let Christmas For Payatas will come true.

shoe lovers

I love bags but aside from that,I also a shoe lovers:-)Yup,I already have almost 50 pairs of shoes.It is not so much but i start to control myself buying pairs of shoes because i don't have place to put them.But while surfing i was really seduce this beautiful pair of bottines.Yup i bought it:-)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

For my mother in law

I am thinking for another gift for my mother in law.And last weekend while spending it with them.I know now what she need for Christmas,A frame for her eyeglasses and i want buy one for her,of course there is a minimum price since i don't have a job and i want to be more practical of buying gifts.So i search if i could find any offers for this coming season.Well i am such a lucky one because at zennioptical offers a Holiday frames.And i found this perfects frames for my mother in law.She just love red color so it is perfect to replace her frames,I am surely want to buy that model that you've seen on photo. I know she will be happy toreceive her Christmas gift.Now we will stop teasing her about her eyeglass.You might surprise why i said teasing.Well it is because her frame is a little bit big and the way she wear it.It is just like an old furtuneteller women that you can see in the provinces.Each time that she tried to watch a film or television she always adjust her eyeglass and make me laugh most of the time.And my husband said that i am just lucky for now because i still don't wear eyeglass but i should wait soon and i will become like her mom.I just laughed when he said that to me.

children behavior tips

Last night i was watching an documentary and i found it very interesting on how courageous the parents are when their child has a behavior problem.And i see some tips at YouTube this children behavior tips.Check it out!

Friendship tag

I am thankful to my friend amy for sharing this friendship award:-)
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“And lovely are the blossoms that are tended with great care, By those who work unselfishly to make the place more fair. And, like the garden blossoms, Friendship’s flower grows more sweet when watched and tended carefully by those we know and meet. And, if the seed of friendship is planted deep and true and watched with understanding, friendship’s flower will bloom for you."
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Search for new web hosting

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Loving this song

Are also loving to hear this song?I am just surfing to youtube and i found this song and i just remember that i love this song i just don't know the title:-) click it here

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the children

Here are the children's guest.In the middle is my husband who try to hold our son otherwise we can't take photos all of them.My son don't like so much taking pictures.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The guest

Last Sunday we had a small party for my son's 4Th year birthday.It is like an international party because the guest are Indians,Chinese,and french and the birthday boy is half Filipino,yup!my son :-)I was very tired just imagine last Friday i slept around 4 am because i disinfect all the toys of my son since our guest will bring their child.And i don't want that they will be sick even though everything are already clean but still i double disinfect it.It takes time to clean all the toys of my son and of course to clean the house also.And at Saturday night i slept again around 4 am.This time is to baked in advance the cake,i did 3 different cakes,banana cake with chocolate chips,chocolate cake and apple cake with m&m.Then i prepared the lumpia since it takes time to wrapped it and finish my son's PINATA.So that is why.At sunday morning i woke up at 9 am to double check and prepared my pancit.My husband prepared the aperitif and did some barbecue.When the guest arrived he's the one who entertain them since i am very busy in the kitchen.Happily everything turn to a nice small party.Children enjoyed playing,Parents enjoyed talking and making fun.Me i enjoyed but what always in my mind is to sleep because i am very very very tired.So when the guest leave i quickly ran to our room and take a nap.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Crazy and busy day

Sorry guys for not active dropping EC this past few days.I am preparing for my son's birthday party.I am busy planning for everything.Cleaning the house and planning the cakes and foods.It is not big party but there are 5 children invited and i did my first PINATA so it why.Hope you all understand,Thanks

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Want to help to others

Sometimes i can't help thinking,how lucky i am to have a chance not to suffer a lot.What i mean is each time i see news on Television i see those people who suffer of illness or no enough money just to buy foods especially for their children.So now i am just happy to know that I can help them by buying at is a global partnership between 700 of the worlds most important NGOs - charities like Save the Children, Red Cross, Amnesty International, OXFAM and many others.When you buy a percentage will goes to charity.Now i know can help those people who needs more help.

Celebrating Hallowen party with friends

We celebrate Halloween with our local association friends in my friends place.It was really fun,there were around 50 peoples.We brought our own specialties but me what i did is simple mixed apple and banana cake.But there are so many foods that we didn't even finish all and we had to share and bring some at home.I will update the photo when i will be back home.Sorry to my EC friends that i could not drop EC this weekend the connection here is too slow.I will visit all of you Monday night thank you!!

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