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Last Sunday we had a small party for my son's 4Th year birthday.It is like an international party because the guest are Indians,Chinese,and french and the birthday boy is half Filipino,yup!my son :-)I was very tired just imagine last Friday i slept around 4 am because i disinfect all the toys of my son since our guest will bring their child.And i don't want that they will be sick even though everything are already clean but still i double disinfect it.It takes time to clean all the toys of my son and of course to clean the house also.And at Saturday night i slept again around 4 am.This time is to baked in advance the cake,i did 3 different cakes,banana cake with chocolate chips,chocolate cake and apple cake with m&m.Then i prepared the lumpia since it takes time to wrapped it and finish my son's PINATA.So that is why.At sunday morning i woke up at 9 am to double check and prepared my pancit.My husband prepared the aperitif and did some barbecue.When the guest arrived he's the one who entertain them since i am very busy in the kitchen.Happily everything turn to a nice small party.Children enjoyed playing,Parents enjoyed talking and making fun.Me i enjoyed but what always in my mind is to sleep because i am very very very tired.So when the guest leave i quickly ran to our room and take a nap.


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