Self Disicpline

Yup that is all our problem ladies.Having this horrible fat belly make us uncomfortable.We were feel not sexy about it and do not have a chance to wear our favorite sexy dress.It is also my problem after i gave birth i still have my fat belly.I don't know why,there are times that i lose weight and most of the times are gaining weight and i am eager to find any chances on how i really could lose this fat belly of mine by eating less fatty food and more serious of my Flat Belly Diet goal.I know it is not easy but it is only me who can achieve this goal.If i want to be sexy or to have my body proportion back before getting pregnant.As what my close friend always told me,I must have self discipline.Well my friend had this self discipline so that is why she really lose weight.Just imagine for 4 months she lose 12 kilos.She ate a lot of vegetables.And she had this diet discipline book.She took a note in advance all the meals that she will eat and she also avoid drink soda and drink more water.Less expensive but more effective.