feeling teen

**When i took this picture my son said to other children to wait because i will take picture**lol!

Last week we went to paris to see this christmass deco where they decorate moving puppets.It is a colorful and magical.So many children are making lines others are crying because they don't want to go back home.But the worst thing is that there are a couple who just lost their son.The father told to the mother that he will left for a while to smoke but i think that the mother didn't heared because she was busy talking on the phone.She didn't took so much attention of his son.The little just left alone.So we just heared that the father was shouting,calling his son's name and the mother just surprised when she heared her husband and she started to cry.It was really awfull hope they saw found their son.Me i watched carefully my son,I always watched him and not left my eyes even just a minute on him.My son was very happy then we ate in the japanese restaurant.We went back home around 11pm.It is like a date for me with my son.My husband is still in thailand,good for him but bad for me because i am alone and bored:-(