Saturday, January 12, 2008

Finally backhome

I am happy to be back home and back to normal life.Need to clean the house do the laundry,ironing clothes.Well i really happy to be here i can do what ever i want to do.Any way today we went out to check some of the boutiques since it is sales we check if there is something interesting.Well i just bought new curtains and table naps.I want to rearrange our house but the work still not really done i can't think so much as of now.I will update next time if our house will be finish.

My son's first xmas deco

Actually is supposed to post this first christmas decoration made by my son at his school before christmas but since i am very busy during christmas it was a really busy day that i don't have so much time.So now i am proud to tell every one that what you see on the photo is my son first christmas decoration that he made at school his teacher do the packing the rest it is him who made.It is really nice right?


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