Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tempura and i don't know

Yesterday i am in good mood of cooking tempura i don't know why.So i check our cook book and as usual i didn't follow my recipe i did it with my own even though it is my first time cook this kind menu and i am happy to say that my husband love it.He said that i am a good cooker.He said even i cook only during blue moon lol but the dish mostly i cook is very Delicious.And he know that i will never cook that dish again.Funny i am really like that after making new recipe with my own i can easily forgot.

In this second photo i cooked also that i don't looking any just see our refrigarator that we still have cote de veau then i chopped it small then i add spaghetti boulognaise sauce then some carrots and potatoes and i put salt and peper and i add laurier.(panakot).It is very good i just invinted again sorry.I remember that one time i cook chicken something and i add some seasoning and my husband ate 2 pcs of chicken he told me that it's taste like indian chicken flavor so much good.I also invinted that menu and now i can't even remember how did i cooked

Parc d'expo

Today we went to le bourget to visit an exposition with all company and i almost got crazy for the prices that it was very cheap here are some that i bought the green vase i bought it 5euros the pink small flat is 2,50 euros,the small candle glass is 3 euros i about a big pink vase price of 10 euros.So much bad that i didn't buy so much since my friend brought his son and the child start crying grrr.I found so many items that i know i can sell it with big amount but so much bad.If i just have my license i will probably go alone with my own car so that i can profit with myself.Well it is not so bad though because i bought some nice stuff and perhaps by september we will go back and hope at this time i can go alone.:-)


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