Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cover my travels

Having doubts of any travel insurances this day?Many person now need to think twice or perhaps more if that they really trust the travel insurance company since now more and more people love to travel worldwide.At they have the one of the widest ranges of travel insurances policies.And could you imagine that they have a market leading claims services and a very exceptional customer care.To those who want to have an elderly travel insurance they have their extra mile policy insurance so your medical conditions that as we know so many insurances companies refuse to cover much to a person who have ages of 79 on single trip travel insurances policies. Now we are more confident on a site that they give their best much more to the oldies.Imagine that kind of insurance medical cover conditions that they give to be sure that we are in good hand and of course in good health.Sounds nice right?

Backpacks – For Hiking and Everyday Use

Nature is the best for us to have some relax and we are very blessed to enjoy this natures especially mountains.Me i love to so much nature,plants trees and mountains.My dream is to do mountain climbing and to be on the top and feel like heaven with my love ones.Of course to do this hiking i need to be sure that my stuffs will be in safe and to think to have the best back packs on where i can be sure it will last even what the weather conditions.At they have so many interesting items that we can assure that it will last long.As likes as backpacks,clothes,sunglasses and even sleeping bags.Not only for those who wants to do nature activities can have this backpack.In fact even students or any professional that having problems on what kind of bag protection that they could use to protect their laptop.You can also buy that at rockytrailmountain.So now no more worries on where you can buy all your need for one site. You know that take spending time at the nature will give you peace of mine that is why many of us prefer to have some nature activitiesThink now to join any nature activities and prepare your best backpacks to bring on!

Funky Chicken Dance and Mexican

Since i was a child i already love chicken much more if it is grill.Until when i arrived in paris my husband want me to taste this mexican chicken and ohh my i really love it. Now i am addicted to any mexican flavored.I am just proud to say that at El pollo loco create this amazing contest that will motivated you on how good your mexican chicken is.It is interesting because that you can even win big prizes if you show on how your one of the kind chicken is.Rules are simple it make a best video for your best mexican yell to by shouting EL POLLO LOCO.And you will have a chance to win big prizes.Now you can enjoy eating your grill chicken and at the same time you will have a chance to win this funky chicken dance and mexican yell fun!!


No matter how far we are from our country,how sad or happy we are**KARAOKE** is already part of our lifestyle to enjoy life and all i can say!!!don't be ashamed of your voice no matter what!Here is one video check this out

badcreditoffers and loans

Financial difificulties are normal to us much more if you have bad experiences and for that your in trauma.Well now don't you worry because we still have a change to do credit loans even you have this bad histroy.At bad credit loans are happy to help us despite of our backgrounds of his credit issue.They can help us and offers that who wants to avail any creadit card or even your planning your new home they can also provide credit home loans.Nice isn't it?Now you can easily sign it to their site and read those many choices of loans that they have created for all.After all having loan with an apropriate company is better and we can assure that we will be in good hands.Loaning is very important in terms of conditions and decisions.So now no more worries on where,how and when you can have good loans.Check now at bad credit loans there you can easily solve your problems and big satisfaction.

My first orchid flower 2008

Actually i bought this orchid flower during new year's party but i only have time to update everything that was save on my photo album.Anyhow this is my first orchids flower for this year 2008.I love flowers.During any special occasion i am glad to have flowers rather than any stuffs.I love any plants and flowers so much bad that here in france i need to change all the time my plant in our gardent since the weather is always changing.

Pinay friends

This are my friends from evreux,mantes la jolie,rouen,and paris.We decided to meet during this sinulog festival to have fun and also to get together.We love this day and as you can see we all happy on this photo we forgot that we are married,we feel like were singles :-)

Short sinulog video

This is the short sinulog video that i took during sinulog celebration with all pinay couples and friends paris.Enjoy watching.

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