Friday, January 25, 2008


My friend love to play billiard he told me that it is his dream since when he was a kid.He want to join billiard tournaments and be the best.And he also playing online pool which he enjoyed playing it as it is like he play on real.Now i am excited to tell him that he can play to it is a software that allows everyone from everywhere to enjoy a broad range of billiard games including eight ball,nine ball and snooker while meeting new people worldwide which is very perfect to his skills and be the best winner for the online tournaments and i am sure he will be grateful to me.Amazing right?Now you can play almost any kind of game with the of our modern technology.

Gifts for our son

My husband do online shopping also and this time he bought a lot of toys and gadgets for our son.And at the moment when our little saw the box he laughed and shout because of happiness that almost 1 box of gifts only for him.Mama is a little bit jealous lol!

Prescription Eyeglasses+ Case

Planning to buy a new eyeglasses for an affordable price.Check Great Discovry: $ 8 Prescription Glasses From Zenni Optical very affordable and which i am sure you will gonna love it since they sell some of the most stylish prescription sunglasses online and check this out!they have a huge selection of frames and it is all in high quality stylish frame.Not only that you will pay only $4,95 for shipping and handling no matter how many glasses in the order.It is very good timing for me because i need a pair of eyeglasses now for me and the price is very much perfect to my budget.

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