Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy birthday papa

***This photo took last march 2007***c u this march Grandpa:-)

It's my father's birthday.I am happy though i don't have any gift to him he just told me when i phoned to greet him that being happy and be kind to my husband is all he need.I am so much proud to my family that they never change they still the same parents that i've known since i had remembered.My father is so happy on the phone he laughed make jokes of me and he said he still young and cute!;-) i love my family so much...

Shopping scuba stuffs

Today we do shopping for my husband's scuba materials etc.We went to a boutique which is specialized for scuba materials it includes clothing etc.My husband enjoyed his wonderful day of shopping.I am happy because it is me who choose his scuba suit and it is perfect to him and it is very funny because while my Dom fit the suit my son always say Pepe:-( fortunately the salesman told me that i can bring my son to their private restroom but anyhow everything is perfect!!

Credit card

Most every person now use credit cards. Do you know at are specializes on informing consumers about credit card offers and they will guide you on how to use your credit card wisely much more if it is your first time to have this card.I know that it is very tempting at the moment when you hold your credit card most when you were surrounded with boutiques.I just remembered for the very first time i received my credit card it is very hot in my hand and i already thinking about shopping and that's it; at the same day i spend a lot of money which i never thought that i spent that too much.It is very different now i think twice or more before i buy an article or i will ask myself if it is necessary to buy this thing or not?So to those who just got their credit card at the very first time you must have a little planning.The best thing is apply to which is created to meet a growing demand for information about credit cards,credit card offers and best is general information about financial planning.They made a great efforts to expand the scope of its service to include both valuable information and the scoop on the latest and greatest credit card offers available.


Does your dream is to own or buy a new house?But you still have this doubts of decision making on what types of loand and which lender to obtain it from.The most stressful is to think which is the best does we need lender or have a broker and what is the point of compensating your broker or can you afford the loan payment?How long is the loan team and how much should you needed for your loan amount and the worst is about loan interest does it fixed or adjustable?Still so many questions that you deserve an answer that is why at are ready to help for you mortgage loans.As we know that there are so many different types of loans to accommodate the different situations for home buyers and for home owners so be sure to research,shop and most of all to compare all loan types which you think the it is best suits you.As i remember when we bought our house we didn't made decision right away even though we can pay the half price of the house but still we are thinking that do we need to have a long term mortgage loans or just a short term one.It is really not easy but luckily for you!Now you can ask and check to with their help it would easier for you to solve and to buy your own our your family's dream house.

Week end greetings

Glitter Graphics

enjoy your wonderful week end everyone!!!

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