Sunday, January 27, 2008


When i was teenager i always dreamed my princecharming and i told me self this would be my song to my dreamguy.I am wishing to receive flowers from a guy who will love me as what i am.That's it my first flower that i receive is from my husband.And it is like magic.

me and my sister

ME and my sister are used to sing this song during highschool days.My sister love this one since i hear it i've kind a love it too.

Eldest brother

This one is my eldest brother's favorite song.He cried when he was heartbroken.I know some love song of my family.For my mother i can't remember the title but i know the song.We shared sometimes about feelings.:-)

Miss my sister

Hearing this song i remember my sister.She love so much this song.It is her favorite song.

Happy together

It's quite a long time that i've search this song after watching the movie so happy together..Old song but a very nice one!!What can i say???Just watch please

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