Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sesame street collection

Even we still not have our son.My husband already start collecting dvd's and cd of sesame street.Today is worst because he bought vtech cassette of sesame street and a lot more.For dvd's and cd's my son already had nearly 100 of them.Check the photos of some sesame street collection just for our son.

Virgile love's his cookie monster stuff toy.Yup his school backpack also cookie monster.We bought this in Cebu.

His back pack and stuff toys and also his bed sheet

His books,vtech cassettes and musical cd actually there is still a lot more but i didn't put because it will not be fit to my digital

Alphabet chart from sesame street.

Sesame Chart number.I bought this in cebu at national bookstore just last march 2007

Cave man is fun!

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