Monday, April 7, 2008

Flowers and drinks

At 3 of april it was the day of my arrival from our vacation and at the same time i recieved this beautiful bouquet from my husband.Wanna know why?well it is just the same day of my birthday.I was just so happy to recieved it and guess what at that night my husband prepared a drinks(sorry i can't tell you it is my husband secret.)Well it was a lovely day he never forget our any special occasion.
This is my birthday flowers

The flowers and our drinks:-)

pharmacy technician training

We know that the most demand employment today is in the medical field.Some of us are on training to be pharmacy technician.Well what we just need to know is to have an idea on which medical field you want to achieve.And being a pharmacy tech is a good one it is a job title for a pharmacy staff member who works under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist and performs many pharmacy related functions,most job duties providing medication and other health care.So many in able not to have a mistake and to be more attentive on this kind of field you need to have a good training.In terms of salary range pharmacy technicians has median hourly earning of wage depending on work environment.We now not hesitate to do the good training and be one of the pharmacy technicians.Since we all know that pharmacy technician salary have also lots of advantages as any medical trainings.

Snow in april

This morning we are both surprise when we looked outside everything are covered with snow.Could you imagine here it is already spring and we still have snow.Quite amazing there are so beautiful i enjoyed taking pictures on it and my son loves to touch the snow but he just laughed that it is too much cold.I am thinking that i am still lucky that it is my first snow for this year even i just arrive from vacation.For most of our vacation is late winter and now i am arrived and it is spring i still saw this beautiful snow.Well it is cold of course but i don't mind the weather since i used to it.Enjoy!

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