Thursday, April 10, 2008

VIrgile psp

My son love to play any gadget and his father love to buy it for me.Just like this psp he almost want to watch movie on it.In fact we have some umd cassettes just for him and now he love to watch Asterix et obelix he followed on what the caracter do on film.We control him of course since it not good to let him watch whole day.Sometimes he choose a book and let me read it to him.Spending time with our child is just so wonderful ,you can see him growing,changing which is makes you sometimes think that if you give him enough love.

Scuba Monitor of dom

When we spent our vacation in Santander my husband did his first ever scuba and he was lucky because his monitor was so nice and friendly.His name is mitch a japanese guy,he already work for almost 3 years being a scuba monitor in philippines first he was working somewhere in mactan then he move to santander and he prefer in santander since it is more nature peaceful and friendly people.In mactan they are also friendly as he said but it is now a little bit crowdy because of so many hotels and your not so far to the city.So if you really want nature better to go to provinces their you will found out that you forgot everything.About mitch he plan not to renew his contract because he will try his luck in south of france since he is so much interested in france.Well of course we invited him if their is a chance that he will have his luck he can visit us and stay in our house.

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