Monday, April 14, 2008


There are men are love collecting any military items like as clothes,shoes,backpack,gloves and also safariland holster i could tell you that there is the best site for all this kind of collection and i am sure that you will be happy to know because they have complete items for military from head to foot.At has all this interesting items and a lot of discount and you will not have worry about the shipping because free shipping,free return shipping and also free hat see it is not only for those collector but also those who have plan to be a military someday.Now you have a chance to have all materials and clothes in your own.I will tell you that even me i like so much tshirt which has military design.

Photo for you

Are you missing Ayala center cebu?I took this picture for you;-).The hotel that were staying before is just 2 minutes away from ayala.It is very convenient for to do shopping.As you can see it was early morning when i took this picture and you saw that there are already so many people are waiting for the store to open.We stayed in Golden prince hotel it is very cheap and clean the crew are friendly.

Real state and property business

We do know that life now is really not easy.We face a lots of problem and also economic problem which really affect us a lot.And because of this it is possible also that we need to cut our budget like for instead why living in a big house if your alone.Now you can have cash for property at they are specialise in purchasing land and property direct from the owners.They've been providing domestic and commercial property services for over 20 years in UK.With this positive background you can assure that they are safe and secure that we can give our trust and have your property for the price range because they understand every situation is different and there range of services can be tailored to suit in your situation.With the help of their advisors your assure that the quick property sale is not a best solution for everyone's need so in this case you need an honest and professional approach that can ensure you to receive the correct advice and with this good advisor you can recommend them to your friends and family.Now you have an idea on where and when you can sale your property especially if your in UK.

Lechon baboy

Dom was very curious the taste of lechon baboy in philippines.In the picture he was so brave to taste it for the very first time after 6 years of marriage because in the resort there are groups of japanese celebrating their 100 times of scuba so they ordered a whole lechon baboy and they share some to us.Well as you can see he has doubt of tasting it but as he think that if japanese can eat it,why not french;-).After he tasted it he really don't like it.Well there are people that use to eat this and their are some people don't but me?i ate all!:-)

3gb community

We miss our old friends and were longing to meet new friends all around the world.Do you know that now you can join 3gb community here there is a chance that you can make contact on your old friends and of course meet new friends worldwide.And guess what?you can also hear the latest mp3 hits and download your own photos.Easy!Visit their website and register and join their group chat and have a chance to meet your old and make new friends now.

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