Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy or surprise

I only have time to check all my vacation photo and with this photo it makes me laugh.It is my son and i am not sure if he did it with purpose or he just making fun or he is surprise.This photo taken in when were in singapore it is our first night with my sister and i think it is almost around midnight so perhaps he is just tried with this picture but he really makes me happy.I my husband that our son is no longer a baby:-(

Blackhawk holster

My friend has her own self protection but what i am afraid for is she just put it anywhere and it could risk if there is a child who see and play with it.I told her that she should have her own blackhawk holster so that she can kept it with herself.And she can buy at LApolicegear.com which they have a very interesting product for police products like as shirt and also police materials for a very resonable price.

Car and tricycle accident

When we went back to cebu from santander there is a big traffic.Because of this accident.A tricyle and a jeepney fortunately there is nobody injured but as you can see how badly hit the tricycle.In my country the road is just small but people don't respect the signalization and the signal light so that is why some people die because of this.

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