Friday, April 25, 2008

Slow connection

To all my bloggers and friends i am so sorry for not answering nor visiting your blog.I am still with my inlaws and as what i had post that the internet connection here is too slow.Honestly it gives me headache because i use to surf and type fast and the sundenly the connection stop crazy isn't it? i hate it.So please forgive me if i coudn't send reply or adding you to my blogfriendlist nor doin tag's.I will do all if i will be back home.Thanks for understanding.

Slow rock

As what i mentionned before that i love to listen slow rock.I am just happy that my husband bought me a complete collection of evanescene.Here are some songs that i always to listen.It is just too much bad that i forgot to bring my Ipod nor cd and i could listen here in my inlaws place though anyhow i can search through youtube that i can watch and listen their music video.Lucky me!!

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