Thursday, May 15, 2008


Thank god!I pass my driving exam:-) I am so happy now i got the result of my driving exam last tuesday.Actually it is my second exam if you remembered last january.I spent time with my inlaws.I also took an exam but sad to say i didn't pass.Just because of small error and they didn't allow me to pass yet most of my driving professor said that i drive well.Passing the license here in france is quite difficult.First i need to pass the signalization then since i took ACC means conduite accompagniee so i need to drive first for 3000 km for 3 years then the driving school will set a date for exam.But now i did it!Yeppey!!!

Huh!You just can't imagine the stress and the effort that i spent.And i would like to say thanks first to my Father in law that he spent time and efforts to help me to master and shared the tips on how to drive.He is so patient on me even i have some difficulties for the very first time.
Second to my mother in law for giving me this gift.Well for my driving exam expenses she is the one who paid everything.And i am thankful for that.Now i've achieve one of my goal,i can now proceed to another goal.Now everybody are happy!:-)

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