Thursday, May 22, 2008

Planning my garden room

Since i was a child i love gardenning.I love to smell those scented flowers and plants sourrounded with flowers and hear those birds singing and enjoy watching the bees and butterflies. and i always dream that one day if i will have my own house that build in a very high quatily that i am sure it will last long and i will take good care of my garden of course i wanted to have my own garden room.With all this plan i know it is not easy because i need to think wisely first the area then the raw materials.Funny to think that it is not only me who is dreaming about this dream house.In fact my husband too,i just notice when we went to the supermarket me and my husband he stop to the realstate agency and looking those houseplan.He told me that he wanted to have a woden house and have a private patio facing to our garden.I was surprised when he told me that because in my heart i know that he also love to have this kind of house.For us having combine innovative design with the natural beauty of wood and glass with use of traditional materials with a combination of sophisticated technology we can create a garden building with difference.I always wanted to have a house or perhaps a home office with an elegant garden room where i can relax.It might a dream as of now but i will try my best to have one of our own.I know it is a long term plan so that is why as of now it is just a plan.I really wanted to have a place where i can be on myself well of course my husband,a place that you can forget problems.

My sister

Last march i invited my sister to come with me and have a short vacation in Singapore.Look how curious she is infront of this machine.She told me that she wanted to try the juices of singapore the only question i asked to her is.Is she understand what she's looking for?
I am happy to spent few days with her in different country and i am praying that one day it would be my papa and mama.

Happy Member

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