Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mary is here

Wondering where you can find Mary?You can find her In Plain Sight it is the new crime drama that you can see all over USA Networks.Mary Shannon is one who's in charge of Federal Marshall with the witness protection program.Despite with risky issue, she is a glorified meter maid no matter what she must hide her dangerous job from her family.Her job is to relocate to all crime witness to be secure and in safe place.But how far she can take her responsibilities if she has a partner Marshall Mann,that always disagree with her?But dispite of this disagreement problem they were try to do their job and do whatever they need to do just to protect the witnesses.How long they could kept their dangerous job to their families?Better you watch the premier show on June 1st at USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight.And have an idea on how safe we are if we see a crime and ask for witness protection.

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Beauty tag from Françine

Sorry françine for late tag.But now i have time to do it:-)
my answers for my beauty secrets:
*My Foundation: hmm..Normaly i didn't used too much foundation because i have this probleù that most of the time i put foundations i've got pimples in the very next day but time to time i used my chanel and dior foundation.
*My Blush:Is from chanel
*My Day Cream: Body shop with vitamin A
*My Lipstick:chanel 106 and dior 721 and 769
*My Essential Beauty Product: Just body shop cream and lip bump
*My favorite Make-up product: Chanel and dior this are the products that i don't have iratations

*My Perfume:Chanel Mademoiselle,kenzo flower,celine,burberry..I used different perfume every other day.
*My Nails: Just put an ordinary nail polish
*My Feet: Clean and wash and put some Mixa foot cream to avoid any foot crack.
*My hands: After washing and ordinary hand soap i put nivea hand lotion
*Three Products to bring on a deserted island:sunprotection cream,hat,towel
*Women I admire for their beauty: Angelina jolie,kate hudson,Liv Taylor,Natalie Portman
*Women with the best Sense of Style:Eva longoria parker
*My ultimate dream:To help my son to have a good future.And have our own business so that it would easy for us if we want to retire
*My favorite fashion Publication: Not so much fan of fashion publication but about entertainment yes,I am subscriber for closer in french version

Sending this tag to Reynaflor italy,Maya,marie , retchel,Sheila,virtual

Favorite pants

There are no men or women who does not like to wear pants.If you ask me?I love to wear pants and I have a lots of them.Differents color and style but I like most particularly is slim fit pants.Yep!Wearing this pants make me sexy and of course it depends what you put on the top.My mother told me that how come I less wear skirt nowadays.I told her that I feel comfortable with pants and more easier for me to decide what would I put on the top if I need to put tshirts or an tunique.She said hmm...If I there is a chance that I will not use them anymore she would love to accept it.Funny right?She try to discourage me not to wear pants though she is planning something for her.Well since I love my mother so much I bought her 2 pairs,she was very thankful. Guess what? Not only for me nor my mother whom I bought pants of course my husband also like pants so that is why I am the one who do shopping for his pants and he like what I bought for him.
Now girls it is your turn to share with your most preferable pants that you can't stop wearing them.And tell a story and join the Dockers contest and have a chance to be seen on NBC.Join now! To submit your video entries and your entry story about your favorite pants visit to Dockers site.
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