Monday, June 9, 2008

My tornado

Gosh do you see this video?The sudden tornado just arrive while teenager playing football.Isn't it that scary?

Got sick

I wasn't able to do my post sunday because I was sick.My lower part of my stomach was very painful my husband really want me to bring to the hospital because he really thought that i have apendicts.I can't able to stand up,But i told him perhaps it is not serious but he was really scared that he even took an half day off and took me to our doctor this morning and she said that i need to go for ultrasound or scanner to check if i have problem inside.Because i don't have any symptom of appendicts she said i don't fever whatever.So better to have scanner for sure so tomorrow i need to ask rendez-vous for scanner.Gezz really not easy if your family is not here.Now i am in a little bit pain yet i need to do something since i have my little son,i don't want to let my son will be alone because i am afraid he will have an accident who knows!right?

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