Wednesday, June 25, 2008

quite busy today

Gosh!i am so tired today.Wanna know why?Well i am a very nice girl because i just broke our washing machine:-) as what my husband said i am very professional of destroying anything especially in terms of electronics stuff.I don't remember how many times my husband format our computer,then sometimes our television now our washing machine.As of punishment,i have this mountains of dirty laundry.:-( .Means i need to wash it by hand while washing i remembered my life in Philippines it made me laugh.Now i had so many wounds in my hand it is very painful though i put some cream.Now i will try to search our warranty certificate and that is my problem now because my husband is such a mess.He put all the papers anywhere and i don't even remember that it is under warranty because my husband bought this washing machine when i gave birth to our son as surprise gift even though we had another one.But now it is too late because we already gave our old to my in laws.

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