Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How could this parents

I was hurt after watching the Local news from my native land about this little girl that was victime of physicaly and not only that,she was raped too.How could this devil raped a 3 years old girl?In the news the girl just left for nature call but they just wondering when they found out that she's bleeding and had so wound in the head.And according to the mother that the girl said that it is made by some name a guy but when they bring the child to the Childcare they tried to asked if who did it to her?And the girl answered it twice that it was her father.Today i was just shocked that the parent of this girl just abandon her.Now i can have this theory that perhaps it was really her father did it because why they hide?And the child never lie.God!If i am have just enough savings or a very nice job i would really love to help this girl.It hurt me so much and i understand how hurt she feel.At her young age she already have this horrible experience and hope she will be ok.I will pray for her.

Perfect Trendy Optical Frame

Last month i just had my eye check up and my Ophthalmology said that i need to wear eyeglass.So now i am searching for a perfect trendy frames for my eye wear .Lucky for me i just found that has huge selection of frames ,not all that they have so many different lens such as single vision lens , sun sensor lens,tinted sunglasses,bifocal lens and best of all they have progressive lens.About budget,you don't have to worry because they have the lowest prices because they only sell their own manufactured frames direct to the customer.Thank god!Now you can have your own frames without paying too much.

Alicia Keys

Wow!Yesterday i went to paris for shopping with my friend Ann.I just noticed that Ms.Alicia Keys will having concert here in Paris.Gosh!I hope i will have the chance to see this concert since i miss the concert of my idol Celine Dion.But sad to say when i check the date concert we will be leaving for summer vacation somewhere in normandy.Chance really not with me,well it is ok for me family first before anything else.

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