Monday, August 4, 2008

play with cousin even at night

My son's cousin are very happy to be with him.Playing day and night is what they did.They knew that my son is a little bit young to play but they still wanted that he could play with them.And what they like most?Taking pictures!This summer is great because my son now can play with them.He is enough old to fight back hahahha if they fight with him.

Most important men in my life

I am happy this summer vacation because we spent it together as whole family.During afternoon we went to the beach sometimes my husband did bicycle with our son at the back.Don't worry he really held well so that he will not fall.And my son love it!Sorry you might wondering where i am?Well i am proud to say that ***i don't know how to do bicycle***Isn't that funny?i am too old to learn how to bike.But honestly i wanan learn and hope to achieve this goal next summer.

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