Saturday, November 1, 2008

Want to help to others

Sometimes i can't help thinking,how lucky i am to have a chance not to suffer a lot.What i mean is each time i see news on Television i see those people who suffer of illness or no enough money just to buy foods especially for their children.So now i am just happy to know that I can help them by buying at is a global partnership between 700 of the worlds most important NGOs - charities like Save the Children, Red Cross, Amnesty International, OXFAM and many others.When you buy a percentage will goes to charity.Now i know can help those people who needs more help.

Celebrating Hallowen party with friends

We celebrate Halloween with our local association friends in my friends place.It was really fun,there were around 50 peoples.We brought our own specialties but me what i did is simple mixed apple and banana cake.But there are so many foods that we didn't even finish all and we had to share and bring some at home.I will update the photo when i will be back home.Sorry to my EC friends that i could not drop EC this weekend the connection here is too slow.I will visit all of you Monday night thank you!!

Got my adsense pin code