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Algeria allegations and ties to Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb
Morocco, in the course the country's messenger to the European Associating, Menouar Alem said in a literally to the European authorities, that Algeria was stable for financing and encouraging the fighting. Algeria called the energy "businesslike plan of destabilization" and were "manipulated criminals" who created tensions between the camps. The Moroccan information intercession MAP, and the Ministers of Alien Affairs, Taieb El Fassi, and Heartland Taieb Charkaouki presented on the evening of November 15 and the 16th day LATGA images that, in his view, guaranteed the Moroccan construct according to which were backwards the pitch camp violent elements that tied the peaceful people and Moroccan soldiers were slaughtered and humiliated bodies. The Moroccan Personal Minister during his take in to Spain on November 17, accompanied by Accepted Hosni Benslimane (found in October 2010 by the French courts past kidnapping and slaying in 1965 of socialist professor Mehdi Ben Barka), said the tactics of the Sahrawi in the incidents resembled those euphemistic pre-owned at near Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, which was interpreted as links between the Saharan and the anarchist classifying which acts duty in the Maghreb and Sahel. The attempt to link between them is not new, since the secret services of the Moroccan DRS have tried discrete times The Istiqlal do

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