Passe ou ca casse

Sorry for the title normally it is in french my notebook keyboard is in english and i dont know how to do it in french.Anyhow i would like to write about couple relationship.How often for a couple will last long?Some says that 7 years of marriage is the most difficult year stage for a couple to know if they will last long.Most couple got divorce at 7 year but others before,in fact there is a french film regarding about this saying the title is 7ans de marriage i didnt watch the film but hope i will soon.Now i cant can help thinking about my marriage.We dont have problem but of course i am not hipocrate not to say that there are times that we had misunderstanding which is normal for a couple but we solve it right away.Not like before that it takes a week for us to settle.It is my fault most of the time because if i am mad i will not speak to my husband for a week or more but i change that attitude because i realize that i am not getting younger and i cant solve my problem by not expressing it to my partner in life.