Thursday, November 25, 2010

a cat makes life fun

My inlaw's cat stayed with us for 15 days sometimes it gives me headache because he awake us at 4 am to open the door because he wants to go out but most of the time a cat makes life fun especially to my son.At morning nor afternoon each time he hears the cat he right away open the door without knowing that there is also a small kittent that similar to my inlaws cat.It made me laughed when my son asked us what happened to the cat why he became small.He made our day complete not the cat but our son.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Actually my second language is English but since i am mariied  with a french guy and recently living in Paris.I am proud of learning French langauge since most people told me that it is romantic language.Avant d'arrriver en France je ne connais aucun mot donc c'est pourça je suis motivee de chercher une agence de traduction que je puisse traduire facilement les mots que j'ai eu de mal à comprndre .Also i am so courage to communicate with my husband with his own language and also to share my ideas with my inlaws by speaking french.Ce n'est pas vraiment facile mais personne que puisse ameliorer sauf moi meme et bien evidement avec l'aide d'une agance de traduction . I can improve my french language.With this information I am also happy to share it to my all my friends who just arrive in France and same like me before that  no idea nor understand french people when they talk.Je peux les recommander de chercher une agence de traduction parce que j'en ai vraiment sùr que ça marche aussi bien pour comprendre.Heureusement j'ai reussi d'apprende peu un peu.With the help of my husband,he is ready to guide and help me to learn since it is for my own good.I can easily communicate with them especially with my inlaws.Of course if i am not motivated i am sure that until now i still didn't speak French.It is easy to communicate and understand foreign language if you know to speak and understand yourself.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

back for blog

I am back for blogging.Been so busy this past few months with my family and doing household chores.I don't have time checking nor doing blog as long as it is really not important.But now i decided to not losing my habits of giving an ideas or sharing my life events to all my cobloggers,friends and family.I may tired but still i am ready to spend times with my blog.It is the only way i can express on what is on my head since i am alone in our house i need someone or to do something if i think that for me is a good idea nor important.So i am back!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Travel plan

It's everyone's dream to travail if it is possible around the world.Before we had our son we travail a lot.I miss that day,especially when we travailed some part of USA then take a cruise to visit Bahamas.Now what i really love to visit is Chicago because i heard a lot of my online friends that it is a nice place and i want see the sports live of course i search Chicago Blackhawks Tickets I don't want to expense too much since were three.After that as gift for my husband which crazy of football perhaps i will also surprise him a NOTRE DAME STADIUM TICKETS to watch football,I am sure they will jump for joy.Most important part is of course for myself.I love comidies,one man show,films,jokes anything that make me laughed so i have an idea,I will buy Jeff Dunham Tickets for me,It would be my pleasure to share laughter with other people and most of all with my family.It is my dream hoping that one day it will come true.Now my son is a big boy now i will have no worries to travail with him anywhere in the world.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

He ate all

I bought that helps me to lose weight.But first i want to try some of the recipes that is written on it.So today i decided to prepare shells with cognac,it turns out so delicious that i let my husband ate all.He said that it is so good and he wanted me to prepare it when his parents will visit us.Oh!!gezz!!I didn't think that it will be so good eventhough i didn't follow the recipe.I mixed some chili and instead of fresh cream,I put plain yougourt that has 0% matiere grasse.He is said to me that if i am just so much courageous of preparing foods he will always full as now.:)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cable is not working

My husband is fan of watching sports especially football.But how can he watch his favorite team if our cable is not working?I told him that since we are now in new generation, he can simply connect to our computer and search a website where he can surely find one that watch the games live.It is not difficult for him since he know a lot about internet.He is so happy when he see directv deals that not expensive and also they have a nice free 5 months promotion.With all those channels were surely satisfied,we love so much watching television so we will not regret of ordering , my husband can watch more games,my son can watch more cartoons, me television series.That is how our life is.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

need to update

I always promise myself that i will update my all blog but it is really hard for me since i need to take good care of my son then also do the household stuff.I may spend a little time of playing at FB but it to update my blog it is now hard for me.I would love to do it again since i miss reading news of my friends here in blogging world.:)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

too much bad

To much bad that i didn't have time to update my blog.Been busy for awhile but anyhow,i am here hoping that i can continue and have courage to update my blog.In fact now me and my friends are planning for weekend vacation somewhere.Perhaps we will check the ST. PETE TIMES FORUM TICKETS if in case we want to pay less since now we know that were in crisis but having vacation with friends might help us not to think only work,work.What miss me is when me and husband spent vacation together and we really enjoy each company so much bad that now we have our son it is not thesame anymore.If i could turn back the past i will convience my husband to check TROPICANA FIELD TICKETS for a cheap tickets and we can enjoy watching with thinking that we have a child.Yup!Before we mostly watch film in cinema at night and talking of nonsense as long as where together.Now,what i can do is just look those promotion at VERIZON CENTER TICKETS and sometimes dreaming that someday even we will bring our son and we can watch the three of us.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

it is been a while

huh!It is been awhile not posting on my blog.Been busy after holiday seasons.Life is back to normal,busy occupying my son and his swimming lessons and a lot more there are also sometimes that i am kind of ill.Been also for H1N1 vaccination.Yup!the three of us has been vaccinize,were are not though if it is helpful but better to be protected right?In anycase it is free so we profit for this opportunities.My inlaws didn't went because they thought that it is useless well anyhow for us everything went well were not sick after the vaccination.Now i will be busy preparing my Resume since i've decided to go back to work:) yehey!!!!I realized that staying in the house is great but what will happen to me if i'm getting old?I don't have retirement?Gezz!!!it's scared me so now!!!go work go:)

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