it is been a while

huh!It is been awhile not posting on my blog.Been busy after holiday seasons.Life is back to normal,busy occupying my son and his swimming lessons and a lot more there are also sometimes that i am kind of ill.Been also for H1N1 vaccination.Yup!the three of us has been vaccinize,were are not though if it is helpful but better to be protected right?In anycase it is free so we profit for this opportunities.My inlaws didn't went because they thought that it is useless well anyhow for us everything went well were not sick after the vaccination.Now i will be busy preparing my Resume since i've decided to go back to work:) yehey!!!!I realized that staying in the house is great but what will happen to me if i'm getting old?I don't have retirement?Gezz!!!it's scared me so now!!!go work go:)