Saturday, September 18, 2010

He ate all

I bought that helps me to lose weight.But first i want to try some of the recipes that is written on it.So today i decided to prepare shells with cognac,it turns out so delicious that i let my husband ate all.He said that it is so good and he wanted me to prepare it when his parents will visit us.Oh!!gezz!!I didn't think that it will be so good eventhough i didn't follow the recipe.I mixed some chili and instead of fresh cream,I put plain yougourt that has 0% matiere grasse.He is said to me that if i am just so much courageous of preparing foods he will always full as now.:)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cable is not working

My husband is fan of watching sports especially football.But how can he watch his favorite team if our cable is not working?I told him that since we are now in new generation, he can simply connect to our computer and search a website where he can surely find one that watch the games live.It is not difficult for him since he know a lot about internet.He is so happy when he see directv deals that not expensive and also they have a nice free 5 months promotion.With all those channels were surely satisfied,we love so much watching television so we will not regret of ordering , my husband can watch more games,my son can watch more cartoons, me television series.That is how our life is.

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