Actually my second language is English but since i am mariied  with a french guy and recently living in Paris.I am proud of learning French langauge since most people told me that it is romantic language.Avant d'arrriver en France je ne connais aucun mot donc c'est pourça je suis motivee de chercher une agence de traduction que je puisse traduire facilement les mots que j'ai eu de mal à comprndre .Also i am so courage to communicate with my husband with his own language and also to share my ideas with my inlaws by speaking french.Ce n'est pas vraiment facile mais personne que puisse ameliorer sauf moi meme et bien evidement avec l'aide d'une agance de traduction . I can improve my french language.With this information I am also happy to share it to my all my friends who just arrive in France and same like me before that  no idea nor understand french people when they talk.Je peux les recommander de chercher une agence de traduction parce que j'en ai vraiment sùr que ça marche aussi bien pour comprendre.Heureusement j'ai reussi d'apprende peu un peu.With the help of my husband,he is ready to guide and help me to learn since it is for my own good.I can easily communicate with them especially with my inlaws.Of course if i am not motivated i am sure that until now i still didn't speak French.It is easy to communicate and understand foreign language if you know to speak and understand yourself.


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