Saturday, December 29, 2018

Institute du monde arabe

Visiting the institut du monde d'arabe yesterday in Paris,hopefully no yellow veste messing around.The expose was telling on how human destroyed all those munuments during the second civil irakain war the battle of Mossoul start 17thOctober until 10 July 2017.I felt bad though because all those historical munuments and places where it should be preserve not just for today but also for our future generation was all turn into dust.The organizer of the expose tries their very best with the help of modern 3d technology it shows the differences on how it was before and after destruction.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

French Gouverment versus yellow vest striker

Hello guys,
It is quite long since the last time I did my last post in my blog.So many things happening.Now I am watching yellowvest strike happening all around France.I have been witnesses some people like some of my co-workers who abuse the law.For me french gouverment are so generous of giving help for what we call low level people.Me,married with a french man with moderate salary but still I prefer to work.But one of my co-workers her husband don't want to work,they have 4 children and as what she said she prefer to work part-time jobs just to have proof  that she is trying hard to earn but it is just an alibi.I could say alibi because if she don't send any payslip all the advantage from the gouverment will be gone.Now we will talk all her advantages,first she receive family allocation (family allowance if I am not mistaken)670€ ,second RSA because she is the only one who works 800€ ,third free of medication, and ticket transportation.
4th free rentals and electricty bill
And most of all they don't pay taxes
But this is the best..She even received 1000€ from the bureau of tax.why?I really don't have any idea.And with all those benefits she still complainng that they are poor..She has 3 iPhone.

In my opinion the best what would the government can do is to minimize this benefits of those who are abuse the law.
It is just an opinion.

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