Disneyland paris

We went to Disneyland Paris and this time we have decided to stay in the hotel even though we're just 40minutes drive back home.We enjoyed and quite stress.For how many times and years that we visit Disneyland this time quite different.First my family in law came.My father in-law is quite old so we need to think so rides that is also suitable for him.But at the end we knew that we loves his journey and so was the children.And that is the most important.
Here are a small video of our visit.

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Pinay said…
Nagapalit ghapon mo annual pass Jan sa Disneyland??Dugay na gyd ko wala ka balik ba.
janese said…
No mor but Ang last namo adto pag Nov.didto mi stay lipay kaayo Ang mga Bata..Ang ila bed na single daw 2person Ang makahigda so SA USA ka room kami tanan..twin bed amo g ask,